"Home, sweet Portugal
The number of foreign residents in Portugal is on the rise.

It is hardly news that Portugal is a good place to spend your holidays - proof of that are the 21 million tourists that are expected to descend on the country by the end of 2017, according to data from the National Statistics Institute -, but that Portugal is a good country in which to work is a recent reality.
Among the attractions are the Portuguese sun, hospitality and safety, the international context – hello Brexit! – and governmental measures that promote foreign investment, such as the tax regime for Non-Habitual Residents and the Golden Visa.
Add to this events such as the Web Summit, which will remain in Portugal until 2018 and which brought more than 53,000 participants from 166 countries in its first year alone, and even the arrival of the queen of pop Madonna, and we can see why the country has become an appealing destination all round.
The numbers confirm it: according to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service, the number of foreigners living in Portugal increased 2.3% (there are now 400,000 people) in 2016 compared to 2015, inverting the decline that had been registered since 2010. Brazil continues to be the biggest foreign community, but it was the increase of residents from the European Union that most contributed towards the growth of foreign residents in Portugal: in 2016, the United Kingdom became the sixth most relevant nationality, with a growth of 12,5% (more than 19,000 residents; and France entered the list of 10 most representative nationalities, now occupying the ninth position, with an increase of over 33% in national residents compared to 2015 (more than 11,000 people). In the Algarve, the second region with the most foreign residents in the country after Lisbon, registered a 9% increase in the number of foreign residents (almost 64,000 in total).
And it doesn’t look like this growing trend is going to wane any time soon – in September, the annual Expat Insider survey, undertaken by the InterNations guide, present in 390 cities, revealed that Portugal is the fifth-best country in the world in which to live and work. The 13,000 people surveyed (of 166 nationalities) also thought that Portugal was the number one country in the world in terms of "friendly attitude" towards foreigners."

Source: Algarve Essential - Magazine No. 105 October-November 2017

"Portugal has best quality of life for expats
Portugal has been elected as the fifth best country to work and live in for expats, climbing 23 places in the ranking of 65 countries.

Portugal topped the list in the Quality of Life Index, while it was placed fourth in terms of the Ease of Settling In.
Researchers found that 93 percent of expats in Portugal are satisfied with their life here, with 29 percent saying they are very happy in this respect.
Personal happiness had dropped last year, but showed significant improvements in 2017, seeing Portugal climb to third overall.
The improving political stability in Portugal also saw the country climb the rankings, while 95 percent rate personal safety positively.
Portugal is also number one when it comes to friendliness and feeling welcome.
In addition, 89 percent find it easy to get used to the local culture in Portugal compared with just 74 percent in 2016. The general friendliness of the population (92 percent) and the welcoming attitude towards foreign residents (94 percent) are the other factors which have significantly improved.
The small Arab monarchy Bahrain is the surprise winner of this year’s Expat Insider survey, followed by Latin American countries Mexico and Costa Rica. 
At the other end of the ranking, Greece, Kuwait, and Nigeria are least popular among those living abroad. Issues range from insufficient incomes to a poor quality of life to problems with personal safety, as the Expat Insider 2017 survey reveals. 
With nearly 13,000 respondents living and working abroad, it is deemed one of the most extensive expat studies, conducted yearly by InterNations, the largest expat community worldwide. 
Apart from offering an in-depth analysis of life abroad, the survey ranks 65 countries by a variety of factors such as quality of life, working abroad, and settling in. 
According to the survey, this year’s top 10 destinations for expats are Bahrain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Taiwan, Portugal, New Zealand, Malta, Colombia, Singapore, and Spain.
The Czech Republic is the new best destination for working abroad, largely due to improved satisfaction with job security. Additionally, the Netherlands has jumped from 20th to 6th position, gaining considerably in terms of work-life balance. 
Greece, Kuwait, and Nigeria remain the worst expat destinations due to a lack of career prospects, personal dissatisfaction, and worries about safety and security."

Source: Portugal News- Edition of 9th of September 2017

"Brits have a new favourite holiday destination – have you been yet?
LOOKING for holiday inspiration? This is the latest travel hotspot for British tourists."

The British newspaper "The Daily Star" mentions Portugal, specially the Algarve, as one of the most famous spots for the British holidaymakers.

"Forget Costa Del Sol, Brits are branching out (slightly) when it comes to holiday destinations.
As the summer draws to an end, statistics reveal Portugal’s popularity has reached a nine-month high.
Just a two hour flight from London, Portugal is a great choice for people who like a bit of sun, sea and sand.
One of the most popular spots is the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region, known for its Mediterranean beaches and golf resorts.
Vibrant cities like Lisbon and Faro are also hugely popular with holidaymakers."

Source: The Daily Star - Edition of 4th of September 2017

Portugal’s hotels busier during first six months of this year

The National Statistics Institute (INE) reported this week that revenue was also up to €1.4 billion.
"In the first half of 2017, overnight stays by residents increased by 4.3 percent, and those by non-residents increased 11.6% percent," the INE’s report read. During the month of June alone, the hotel industry registered 2.1 million guests and 5.9 million overnight stays, corresponding to increases of 8.5 percent and 8.0 percent, respectively (up 7. percent and 6.5 percent on May).
The domestic market fell in June, while external markets accelerated.
The average duration of stays in June was shorter than last year, but revenue continued to increase.
In the Algarve, Portugal’s most popular summer tourist destination, the average room occupancy rate last month, July 2017, was 85.9 percent, down slightly on July 2016.
However, figures from the region’s largest hotel association AHETA showed that overall, since January, "occupation is up 2.7 percent" on the total average of the first seven months of 2016. The association stressed occupancy was "still above-average" for the month of July.
Geographically, the biggest growths in occupancy were registered in Lagos and Sagres, and Portimão and Praia da Rocha, which had the highest occupancy rate in the Algarve last month, being 92.8 percent full.
Nonetheless, the majority of nights spent in the Algarve were enjoyed by Portuguese (26.6 percent), Britons (26.1 percent), Germans (9.5 percent) and the Irish (7.6 percent).

Source: Portugal News - Edition of 19th of August 2017

Golf tourism with record year 

According to the Portuguese Golf Federation the golf tourism has been gaining more and more "weight", reaching in 2016 the best year ever.
The idea is to continue growing and in 2017 beat the figures of the previous year. The most recent statistics point to around 1.2 million rounds
per year, which directly and indirectly represents around 350 million euros in turnover.

The Golf Federation also points out that the Algarve is, together with the South of Spain, the main golf destination in Europe.
 "Year after year, it has been winning international awards as the best golf destination because of the quantity and quality of its golf courses,
it joins the high level of hotel capacity and all the reference logistics associated with golf, airport and air links, transfers, animation 
and appropriated catering" mention to SOL newspaper, the CEO of NAU Hotels & Resorts, Mário Ferreira.

Source: SOL Newspaper

British property expert says Portugal is more attractive than Spain, Italy or France

Forget about Spain, France or Italy. Portugal is "the place to be now", according to British real estate expert Ashley Foakes.
He believes Portugal offers "better investment opportunities" than the others as "its economy is improving, its urban density is lower than Spain’s and it is known for being safe".
And if people take their time to do their research – "due diligence", as he calls it – the expert says they will find that there are great opportunities in Portugal.
So he told Lusa news agency at the Portuguese Chamber’s 2017 Property Conference, held on Tuesday (May 9) at Lord's Cricket Ground in London.
Foakes works for Brookes and Co, a property investment company "specialising in a range of investment opportunities in both the UK and overseas".
He also does not believe Brexit will have a negative impact on British investment in Portugal.
"We hope that our long relationship with Portugal will prevail, and that Brexit won’t have an impact on its future," Foakes said.
The conference has been organised annually since 2004. During the last decade it has "grown in prestige to become the annual networking event for property professionals working in the tourism/residential sector in Portugal and the UK".
It attracts over 120 paying delegates each year, and the audience includes developers, financiers, mortgage providers, property investors, bankers and real estate investment groups.
The theme of the event this year was "How can Portugal target the three main British buyer profiles?"

Source: Algarve Resident



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